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B. Spray Mapping (interfacing "Yield Monitor" console)

Simple spray mapping is now possible with the existing Yield Monitor console and GPS receiver !
Suitable for most Sprayers with existing spray controller (with flow meter). All it needs is a special adapter cable to interface a flow sensor.

Very simple and reliable "ONE BUTTON" operation and data logging system with "AutoStart" feature. Operators can purely concentrate on spraying.

Data Processing
Easy to use "ONE BUTTON" data reading software to back-up, automatic transfer to GIS experts or for further own processing

A. SprayLog
ATV's "SprayLog" provides automated logging of:

Option:  "Live Mapping"
Transfers spray track and spray data to any Internet server or watch spraying "live" on ATV's gpsgate webside (password protected) !
Extremely simple! Uses only ON/ OFF button to activate logging onto SD card or/ and transfering spray data onto Internet server.
Buttons can also be used for "taging", marking certain points while spraying
GPS connection:
- internal GPS (MSAS capable)   OR
- high accurate external GPS/ DGPS via serial connection
Flow connection:
- interfacing existing flow meter  OR
- connect to existing Spray Controller
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