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1. b        ATV Yield Editor  (beta )

ATVs Yield Editor software is a tool to enable the user to analyse a variety of different yield data formats. It contains different filters and editing techniques to clean out the raw data according to the CSIRO protocol of R. Bramley and S. Williams for creating proper yield maps (see: Yield_Mapping_Protocol.pdf ).

ATVyieldeditor has got a simple interface with Vesper (Australian centre for PrecisionAgriculture)for creating quick reliable and professional yield maps.

1. a        ATV Datamerger

This data merging software can be used in conjunction with any ATV yield/ spray monitor to create ATV-AL2000 imperial or metric yield data output files.
Shows an overview of all sessions included on a SD memory card.
Sessions can be selected for further processing.
An included card reader tool creates a data back-up, and/ or prepares data files to be sent to any service provider for further yield data processing.
Simple filter functions for data cleaning/ trimming are selectible.
Coordinate outputs can be in longitude/ latitude or UTM.
Option: track/ yield data view with background maps (e.g. Google Earth, NeedMap) and shape files (e.g. boundary maps).
Main view: Shows all session of the SD memory card
Simple filter function for yield data processing
Integrated visualizer for track or yield display (no data processing -> ATVyieldeditor)
Powerful Correction Tool for correcting Zero errors, operators' errors etc
e.g. wrong zero value is causing negative mass flows! In the standard AL yield format and certain yield monitors this means "0" yield;
Important yield data is lost!
e.g. shifting the mass flow curve gives positive yield (tonnage)
Graph showing fluctuation in harvester operating speed (3km/h -> 4 km/h -> 5 km/h):
Depending on harvesters this can influence the quantity of crop harvested (e.g. almond pickers)!
Integrated ATVmerger application (see above)
Integrated "Vesper" Interface for simple but professional yield map creation (
Batch file creater for Vesper to run Vesper independantly

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