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1. ATVmapping

ATVmapping running on a ATV rugged UMPC
2. ATVtracker

Versatile tool for side-specific applications, like:

    - Differential Harvesting (split/ selective harvesting)
    - Simple Variable Rate Spreading
    - Simple Variable Rate Spraying/ Fertilizing
Simple application for versatile logging functions, like:

    - Point/ Tag logging (broken posts/ diseases/ etc)
    - Boundary mapping
    - Track logging
    - Image logging w/ geo tagging
    - Spray application rate recording (in development, please ask)
Option: Can be used together with the ATV yield monitor for "live mapping". With this configuration it can also display the tonnages of up to 4 (8 with advanced HSBox) different bins when using "Differential Harvest" plug-in!
Option: Tagging -  Logging tool for Track/ Point/ Boundary/ Tag-Recording
Graphic format: Shape files (ESRI-GIS format) can be used as application templates. Any graphic format can be used as background picture after geo-referencing (free tool available), e.g. Google Earth/  NearMap maps
Previous recorded points (tags) can be used as templates to carry out maintenance tasks, like recording broken posts while pruning and repairing them in an onward project.
Navigation lines, row numbers and descriptions help to find these points.
Row templates can be created with an inbuilt tool or downloaded as a shape file (preferable for irregular shaped fields)!
Previously recorded logging points/ tracks can easily be retrieved for further usage.
The last used logging file is highlighted to be quickly selected for continuing usage e.g. finding a spray track after pausing or refilling!
Overview of all points/ jobs
Simple export format (csv, ASCII) for further data processing in spread sheets, GIS programs.
Use your existing Spray Controller together with
ATVmapping for VRA spraying and spray logging!
New PlugIn: Spray Control
use ATV's "SprayLog"
Add_on: Handheld USB microscope / camera for image-logging with geo tagging
Simple USB connection to ATV-UMPC
Magnification: 80X - (320X on 22" screen)
Still image resolution w/ ATVtracker:
320*280/ 640*480/ 800*600/ 960*720/

Takes still pictures (on ATVtracker)
Videos (with supplied software)
Light source: 4 white LED lights
Preview of taken image
Preview thumbnails of all taken images. Simple click of thumbnail enlarges,  reduces thumbnails or deletes image.

Clicking on thumbnail image shows position on MapView (below) e.g. for ground thruthing etc
Image logging with geotagging
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