Advanced Technology Viticulture
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Grape Yield Monitoring
Yield Mapping plays an important part in Precision Viticulture as it shows the spatial variability of the crop at its final and decisive stage.

Accurate data for precision mapping is obtained by a yield monitoring system, which consists of a GPS receiver for the geo-coordinates on one side and a yield sensor for the weight calculation on the other side.

Positional accuracy depends on the type and quality of the GPS receiver used (DGPS is essential for sub-meter accuracy).

Correct quantification of the crop depends on the design and reliability of the yield sensor (mass flow sensor) used for weighing. It is also influenced significantly by the operation and the design of the discharge conveyor, where the sensor is attached to.

Advanced Technology Viticulture has created an extremely reliable yield monitor which is very easy to operate, avoiding operator errors. By using first-grade accessories it is well suited to harsh environmental conditions.


Suitable for all Grape Harvesters with discharge conveyor system (also on certain cross-conveyor systems) and with specific adaptations for different brands/ models.


Made entirely of stainless steel and first quality brand load cells, sensors and electronic parts to suit the harsh environment.


A very simple and reliable console operation with a data logging system featuring "AutoStart". Operators can concentrate entirely on picking!


Easy to use "ONE BUTTON" data reading software to back-up, automatic transfer to GIS experts or for further own processing.

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ATV_YM1 (reliable console since 2005)

- new advanced data structure
- inbuilt GNSS (option)
- wireless data streaming (option)
- harvester tracking (option)

WLL (wireless data logger)

- new advanced data structure
- inbuilt GPS (option)
- wireless data streaming
- harvester tracking
- internet access point
- add-on for the ATV_YM1
  (YM box needs modification)