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ATV: GPS receiver test (Scatter plots)

1. Comparison of Differentially Corrected GPS Sources

a. Static Tests
Static assessment of the relative performance of three differential correction sources for global positioning systems (GPS)

Method: The data of 4 GPS receivers were collected and displayed with SAwatch (
Data collection was done simultaneously over a certain period of time.

I. Test run (ATViDBR, SirfIII Bluetooth mouse, Trimble 132) - (ca. 22h)
II. Test run (ATViDBR, Hemisphere G, Trimble 132) - (ca. 17h)
III. Test run (ATViDBR, Hemisphere CGB, Trimble 132) - (ca. 17h)
VI. Test run (ATViDBR, Hemisphere VBS, Trimble 132) - (ca. 13h)
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