Advanced Technology Viticulture

ATV_YM2 console
  • Large, bright 6-digit 20mm LED as main display for tonnage and rate
  • 2nd backlit, sunlight readable LCD display for setup, calibration, load weights, totals ..
  • Info LEDs indicate important functioning, e.g. for GPS, belt speed sensor & logging
  • Robust yield data recording onto SD cards, readable with all OS (like IOS, all Windows OS, Android, Linux)
  • Very easy to use - operator can just concentrate on operating the harvester
  • Connection for external GNSS receiver (GPS, RTK)

  • Inbuilt GNSS receiver (GPS/ QZSS, Glonass, Beidou, WAAS, Egnos, MSAS)
  • Wireless data transfer via WiFi (inbuilt)
  • Wireless data streaming via WAN (using external industrial wireless LAN router for GSM, 3G, LTE and others)
  • Inbuilt ftp server for data streaming
  • Inbuilt web server for remote setup and configuration (e.g. updates)
  • Real time harvester tracking for monitoring (see ATV_VPS server)
  • Interface to PC/ Tablets/ AG console (CAN Bus or RS232)
  • Flexible vehicle mounting supports

LED Status Indicators
Status LEDs indicate correct GPS input, logging interval, SD card insert and belt speed.
Dynamic tare/ zero push button
Pushing the "Tare" button for more than 2s starts the zeroing procedure. It times out automatically after a preset interval.
LCD display pages for additional info
quickly visible display for main figures:
flow rate, tonnage (e.g. for bin & truck load)
belt speed ([m/min], [RPM], [Hz]
weight on weighing section & zero value
resetable tonnages e.g. for bin & truck loads
quick display page for zero & corr. factors
(with manual input)
display of the last zero & corr. factor as reference
Yield data recording
The yield data is recorded onto a standard SD card with FAT16/32 file system. This card is directly readable with most O/S like Windows, IOS, Android and Linux.
The ATV propriety file format can be easily transfered to AL2000 (e.g. with ATVmerger software) or other yield data format.

Integrated WiFi/ WLAN
With the inbuilt WLAN modul, any WiFi enabled device like a tablet, smartphone, laptop can have access to the SD card e.g. to download the yield data remotely. The WLAN modul supports standard "Adhoc" mode and "Infrastructure" mode (e.g. as part of an existing local network). Configuration can be done by an integrated web server.
File transfer is handled by ftp via the inbuilt ftp server e.g. with compatible web browsers and ftp client programs.

Attachable Industrial wireless LAN router
The ATV_YM2 can be extended with an onbord LAN modul, which then can be linked to the state of art ATV wireless LAN router.
Automized data streaming for yield and tracking data, initiated remotely by software or by the operator at the end of a shift/ harvest event, can be  done.
Besides basic tracking data for location and speed also the yield data is forwarded to the ATV VPS tracking server (-> ATV_VPS tracking server) for displaying the harvester tracks and graphs for rate, tonnages and other important operating data e.g. for online realtime evaluations.
Besides for yield data streaming the ATV wireless LAN router can also be used as Internet access point or data streaming of other compatible agricultural devices e.g. spray controller.

Important: A suitable SIM card (with dynamic or fixed public IP) is needed for remote access to the unit!

SD card reader - protected under hinged cover
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