Advanced Technology Viticulture

    ATV_WLL  (Wireless Lan Logger)
( add-on unit for the original ATV Yield monitor)
  • Extends existing ATV yield monitor (ATV_YM1) with up to date data logging, data streaming and tracking features (-> ATV VPS tracking server)
  • Robust data recording onto SD cards, readable with all OS (all Windows OS, IOS, Android, Linux)
  • Wireless data streaming via WiFi and WAN network (using GSM, 3G, LTE and others)
  • Industrial wireless LAN router with additional extension port to record data of compatible agricultural consoles
  • Automatic data upload (ftp) with remotely adjustable timer (needs SIM card w/ dynamic/ fixed public IP)
  • Simple button initiated data upload e.g. at end of harvest
  • Inbuilt ftp and web server for file handling, remote setup and configuration
  • Secure VPN communication selectable
  • Internet access point (protected) for other smart devices

  • 3G, 4G, LTE broadband modems for different network provider
  • inbuilt GNSS (GPS) receiver
  • high gain antenna

Data recording
The data is recorded onto a standard SD card with FAT16/32 file system. This card is directly readable with most O/S like Windows, IOS, Android and Linux.
The ATV propriety file format (ASCII) can be easily transfered to AL2000 (e.g. with ATVmerger software) or other yield data format.
Correct data logging is indicated by flashing LEDs.

With the inbuilt WLAN modul, any WiFi enabled device like a tablet, smartphone, laptop can have access to the SD card e.g. to download the yield data remotely. The WLAN modul supports standard "Adhoc" mode and "Infrastructure" mode (e.g. as part of an existing local network). Configuration can be done by an integrated web server.
File transfer is handled by ftp via the inbuilt ftp server e.g. with compatible web browsers and ftp client programs.
LEDs indicate the status of the broadband modul, like power, LAN/ WiFi connection, Signal strength, Internet connection.

Data streaming
The data files of the SD card can be remotely retrieved (Rem: SIM card with dynamic/fixed public IP is needed) by any ftp enabled browser or ftp client software.
Automatic file upload is done by a remotely adjustable timer or by the operator by pushing the "Red" button e.g. at the end of the harvest while washing down the harvester. In this case only the last not yet uploaded data is forwarded.

Vehicle tracking (-> e.g. on ATV VPS tracking server )
The coordinates only or coordinates as well as yield data can be transfered to a tracking server for monitoring purpose. The upload rate is adjustable to comply with the needs.

Extension port:
Other compatible devices, generally any devices with RS232 output (like a spray controller with data output) can be linked to the WLL unit to transfer data by TCP/ UDP to up to 4 different server (in host or client mode).
Digital outputs can be activated by SMS.

SMS commands:
SMS commands can be used to activate/ deactivate unit, get connection status, activate digital in/ outputs

Alarm outputs:
SMS/ Voice alarm can be send to different phone numbers if unit has low signal.
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